Maldives; South Asia’s Hidden Gem

Why You Should Visit Maldives

Maldives are located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. So, what are Maldives? It is a collection of some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Maldives are made up of over one thousand beautiful islands, which means that there is a lot of beautiful isolated destinations where travelers can enjoy some private time with their family and friends. So, if you are under a lot of stress, this is the place to escape from all of it! 

Are you planning on visiting Maldives in the near future? If you are, then I must congratulate you! Here are some of the reasons why you definitely should not change your mind. 

 Amazing Scenery 

As I already said just a couple of minutes ago, Maldives are made up of over one thousand beautiful. Each one of those islands offers some amazing scenery. Stunning sand beaches and beautiful peaks on the interior of each island are just some of the most beautiful things that you can see in this amazing place.  

There are many travelers out there who say that the best moment occurs at one specific period each and every night, and that period is when the sun sets over the beautiful Indian Ocean. Having a cold juice in your hand can only make this view even better! 

 Luxurious Accommodations 

Although there are many budget accommodation options, most of the resorts in Maldives are pretty luxurious, which basically means that they are pretty expensive as well. Exclusive guest patios, modern amenities, and large suites are just some of the things that can be found in most of the hotels and resorts in Maldives. You can also find spas and onsite dining, as well as fitness facilities in every resort – both larger and smaller – in this beautiful place. 

 Delicious Food 

When it comes to dining in Maldives, there are three options for you to choose from – affordable local meals in the rural areas, dining in the cities Addu and Male, and more expensive meals in the resorts. Although most travelers stick to the third option (which means that they really enjoy eating more expensive meals in the resorts), the first one is much more affordable, and it is a great way to try different types of food (such as kulhi borkibaa and riha curry) as well. 


Water Recreation 

Snorkeling and scuba diving are two of the most popular activities in Maldives. And when compared to other exotic places, scuba diving in Maldives is very safe. Another activity that is very popular in Maldives is surfing, and most of the resorts offer group classes as well. And don’t forget about kayaking, rock climbing, and canoeing! Each one of these three activities is very popular in this beautiful place as well. 

Looking for a Place to stay in the Maldives?


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Honolulu, Oahu Hawaii’s BIG City

What to Do in Honolulu 

Honolulu is the biggest city in Hawaii. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, and it is located between beaches to the south, and cliffs to the north on the island of Oahu.

Although Honolulu is not really the most populated city in the world (about 1 million people live there), and it is actually a pretty small place, there are still many fun things that you can do and beautiful areas that you can visit. And now, here are some of those things.  

Hanauma Bay 

Hanauma Bay is located on the very east side of Honolulu. To be more exact, it is located near an area that is known as Hawaii Kai. When it comes to snorkeling, Hanauma Bay is one of the most popular places on the island. It is sunken into a crater with a lot of beautiful golden sand for you to see, and it is a marine sanctuary and nature reserve as well. 

If you decide to visit this beautiful place, the first thing that they will ask you to do once you arrive is to watch a short introduction video. You will then be able to walk to the bottom of the crater where a beautiful beach and clear water can be found. If snorkeling is something that you enjoy, then Hanauma Bay is the place that you need to visit as soon as possible. 

 Honolulu Chinatown 

As is the case with every single Chinatown in the world, Honolulu’s Chinatown is always full of both tourists and locals, and it is one of the most energetic sections of this beautiful city. Although it is a pretty small area, it doesn’t mean that it is any less popular than any other Chinatown in the world. The beautiful smell of vegetables and fruits,as well as the aroma of fresh meat and fish fill the air in Honolulu’s Chinatown. 

The prices are usually great, and you can get some good vegetables and fruits as well. Apart from food markets, you can also find some nice restaurants in Honolulu’s Chinatown. Eating and exploring are two of the most popular activities in Honolulu’s Chinatown. 

Ocean Sports 

If you enjoy surfing and other ocean sports, Honolulu is the place for you. The water is neither too cold nor too hot, and the climate is great. There is really nothing not to like about this beautiful place. The north shore of Oahu is a very popular place, and it is actually known as one of the best surfing destinations in the world. 

In Honolulu, there are many spots where you can do things like surfing and stand up paddle boarding. So, if you are an ocean sports enthusiast, make sure to visit Honolulu as soon as possible. 

Enjoy this video with a few more option of activities in Honolulu:


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World Travel where will it take you?

There is nothing like a little Tropical Travel

Tropical Travle #1

Whether you are looking to come face-to-face with kaleidoscopic sand or molten lava, it will not be hard for you to find a way to have some fun on the Big Island. Big Island is the land of sparkling waterfalls, fiery volcanoes, snowcapped mountains, black-lava deserts, alpine meadows, tropical rainforests, glacial lakes, and miles of beautiful beaches.


In addition to all those popular beaches and hiking spots in Hawaii, there are also some nice shopping places there as well. And now, here are some great things that you can do in Hawaii.

Kaunaoa Beach

Hawaii Vacation- TurtleIf you are going to visit the Kaunaoa Beach, make sure to come early in the morning. The reason why you need to come early in the morning is because Kaunaoa Beach is a very popular place, which means that there may not be any parking spots available for your car if you come later.


When you think about the Kaunaoa Beach, you simply have to think about snorkeling because it is one of the most popular things there. Two more things that are very popular there are a pickup volleyball game and body boarding.


Waipio Valley

Waipio Valley has a very interesting history. About 10000 people once lived in Waipio Valley. Waipio Valley is also known as The Valley of the Kings, and the reason why is because it was once the home of many Hawaiian rulers, such as Kamehameha the Great. In general, the Waipio Valley is a nice place to visit.


Hilo Farmer’s Market

Every week, many people come to downtown Hilo to sell crafts, seafood and many other things. Actually, there might not be a better place on the Big Island to shop that the Hilo Farmer’s Market, and this is something that many travelers and guide books agree on. Hilo Farmer’s Market is known for selling almost anything that you can imagine – from bananas and pineapples to bongo drums and jaboticaba fruit.


And just like when going to the Kaunaoa Beach, the best option would be to come early in the morning. You can find the Hilo Farmer’s Market on the corner of Kamehameha Avenue and Mamo Street. It is open every single day, but some vendors only show up two days a week – on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Akaka Falls State Park

This is one place in Hawaii that you simply have to visit. Akaka Falls State Park is open every single day and it only costs $5 per car and $1 per pedestrian.